The Evolution of
Cosmetic Culture

Emerging Trends

As generations get older, beauty guru's are finding new ways to push the boundries on everyday makeup. Non-convential makeup is an emerging makeup trend in 2017 and can be found across the nation on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Creativity with makeup is the emerging trend of this new year and can be seen in the slideshow below.

On Monday night, Feb. 6 in San Luis Obispo, the vanity of Erica Hudson, 4th year journalism Major, is extensive and colorful. She has makeup from a variety of brands including: Jeffree Star, NYX, Color Pop, Kat Von D, and many more. As a makeup artist, Erica Hudson likes to buy from cruelty free brands to support her veganism. She enjoys doing her friend’s makeup for fun, but also for hire. Erica Hudson, a makeup artist located in San Luis Obispo, begins applying eyeshadow on her friend Olive Fontaine, 3rd year Graphic Design major. Olive prefers to let Erica have creative freedom on this gloomy Monday night. Erica begins by placing eyeshadow primer onto Olive’s eyelids. Eyeshadow primer helps lock in place the pigments of the eyeshadow so that the eyeshadow stays in place for several hours. “I got into makeup when I was in high school and would do it for prom and stuff like that. It was paid which was cool, the girls or their moms would usually pay me twenty to forty dollars. When I came to Cal Poly I wanted to be a bridal assistant but they were focused on doing natural makeup with neutral colors and that’s not something I am interested in” says 4th Journalism major, Erica Hudson as she applies a light purple eyeshadow to the lids of Olive Fontaine. Erica Hudson, a makeup artist based in San Luis Obispo, has been doing makeup since her sophomore year of high school. She has a passion for using glitter in her looks, and uses this blue glitter pigment on Olive Fontaine, a 3rd year Graphic Arts major. In San Luis Obispo on Feb 6, Erica Hudson applies blue glitter on the eyelids of Olive Fontaine. Erica believes that makeup should be expressive and creative, showcasing the individuality of the client. Erica enjoys combining different shades of color and glitter to create an unconventional look. “I’ve worked for both Sephora and Ulta, which were both too corporate for me. I think they didn’t understand my vision with makeup” says Erica Hudson, makeup artist located in San Luis Obispo. “I feel as though they didn’t allow me to express myself creatively. Olive Fontaine sits patiently as Erica Hudson applies a red Nars lip pencil to her lower lip in her makeshift home studio in San Luis Obispo on Monday, Feb 6. Olive has yet to see her transformation. “Make it look like I'm crying glitter”, is Olive’s only request while Erica completes her artistic look late Monday night in her bedroom in San Luis Obispo. This is the final touch Erica applies to Olive to complete her makeover. “It's kind of a fun way to get together with friends and do something creative. Makeup feels like a positive way to appreciate yourself and to learn to love yourself” says Olive once she’s seen the makeup that Erica has applied. 3rd year Journalism Major, Ysabel Sullivan admires Olive's new look, “I've always had a much more traditional approach to my makeup style, so it’s amazing to see other trends and ways of going about it such as this one. Seeing Olive's makeup makes me want to switch it up, go out of my comfort zone, and turn it more into an art piece, like Erica does. Olive Fontaine, 3rd year Graphic Design major, laughs as she attempts to take a selfie in Erica Hudson's room on Feb. 6 in San Luis Obispo. The glitter used on Olive’s cheek is commonly known as highlighter, a makeup trend that emerged in early 2016. “This looks so rad that I have to take a selfie to show it off” says Olive while Erica Hudson admires her work in the mirror in her quaint room in San Luis Obispo on Monday night. “If only I was going somewhere tonight to be able to showcase Erica’s skills.”


A more traditional approach to makeup is depicted in this short video, explaining different kinds of makeup trends, brands, and advertisments that are emerging in 2017. Following the trends emerging in 2017, we notice that celebrities such as Kylie Jenner at the forefront of gaining cosmetic followers, creating new products, and changing our day-to-day looks.

First Times

Our first experiences with makeup may have been positive, or they may have taught us that we have a lot of learning to do. Regardless, we all had to start somewhere. Hover over the image to hear the first experiences of Cal Poly students!

Beauty Stores

Sephora is one of the top retailers of beauty products in the industry. It is a go-to store for many beauty guru's because of it's wide selection of products and brands. Hover over the infographic to see more information on the demographics of Sephora shoppers.



Author's Beauty Regimen

Growing up with a French mother, I learned that in order to achieve beauty – the first step would be taking care of my skin. She always told me that she believed natural beauty was best, and that wrinkles showed how wise you were – however, it was very important to take preventive measures in assuring your skin looked fresh no matter what age.

Therefore, as a 22 year old young woman, I have cultivated my own (somewhat affordable) skin care routine. I start by washing my face with Aēsop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser.

This can be found in select stores in the United States, or found on online. I start off by using a cleansing oil because it does a fantastic job at removing all make-up without being too harsh on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft, and moisturized and smells fantastic. I use it every night before bed, and sometimes in the morning to wake my skin up. If this cleanser is too pricey for you, a good alternative is Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil which can be found in most drug stores and also online.

I follow up with an exfoliator. However, I only do this about 2-3 times a week depending on how my skin feels and if I am breaking out more than usual. I like to use Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub cleanser that I usually pick up at Sephora.I like this exfoliator because it isn’t too harsh on my skin, but gets the job done at removing dead skin cells and cleaning deep within my pores. It also feels very refreshing because of the blend of grapefruit, lemon and spearmint.

Then, I apply my eye cream. I’ve gone through several different eye creams and serums before settling on the one I find works best for me. It hydrates my skin, and does a great job of reducing the bags under my eyes. I use OleHenriksen Total Truth Eye Cream.

I like to put my eye cream on before my moisturizer to ensure that none of my moisturizer gets under my eye lids. I cycle through different moisturizer’s and serums (Clarins Mission Perfection Serum) based on the seasons. However, it can be ensured that no matter what, I will apply Clarins Multi-Active Nuit. I like this cream because it is thick and hydrating, and made specifically to be worn at night. It’s also formulated in Europe, which means that the chemicals in the product are better for your skin than U.S. products. I will add Clarins Detox Booster shots, if I’ve had a particular unhealthy weekend.

If my skin is feeling particularly dry, I will also follow up by adding Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. I add this oil after my moisturizer to lock in all the moisture, and to ensure that the small amount of oil I add on, acts as a protective layer.

Lastly, I add a swipe of lip balm and hit the hay! While I understand that my routine may be a little costly if bought all at once, these products have a long shelf life and work wonders. It must be noted that although my skin care routine works well for me, it may not work for everybody. In developing your skin care routine, it is important to target what areas of your skin you want to fix or improve, while also understanding how your skin reacts to certain products and its natural state.

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin, so go to your local Sephora and have some fun!

Beauty begins with you